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Childhood – The Born Talent

Ar. Yogesh P. Wajekar, born and bred in Panvel, Navi Mumbai had a passion for model-making from childhood. He quotes “I had always loved making miniature mud models, cardboard model, decorating in festivals and events. My love for this hobby or art is why I took architecture as my career.


  • Education and Business Achievements
  • Civil Draftsmanship (1994)
  • Diploma in Civil Engineering (1999)

Established his firm Shree Sthapathya Associates (SSA) in the same year, during which he completed 30 project. • Later he graduated from L.S. Raheja (2001-06), during which SSA has already completed 100 projects and in 2017 the firm achieved the goal of completing 1000 projects successfully.

He has also completed his Master’s Degree in urban planning from Rachana Sansadand, M.B.A. in public relationships and is currently pursuing his PhD. After completing his civil draftsmanship, first project was a small one storeyed bungalow for late Mr. Mhatre at Kambe village, Rasayani, 200 sq. m. plot. This project was an eye opener for him as it made him realise that the construction of the project should not be over shadowed by the design of the project.


Professional Career

His Career influencers have been Hafeez Contractor, Ar. Santiago Calatrava and Ar. Charles Correa. He loves architecture style Charles Correa and is influenced by it. He believed, “We should think of contributing to the society first.” According to him the work should be done with a realistic view. His plan is to help the contractors and add value to the end customers, as the customers are common man. During the course of time, he developed a liking for entrepreneurship and wanted to help society.

He always had a clear vision of what he wanted to become at the end of his life. And what he does every day is his mission to achieve it. His Vision “I wanted to help the industry in any way and every way possible, I didn’t want my knowledge and experience only confined to my office.”


Kalatrava 79. com has also been launched in Dubai. It’s a service for all kinds of construction category real estate, health care, education, and hospitality. An architect is an actor but starting entrepreneurship he has also become a director and want to develop more entrepreneurs in all industry of the nation.


He believes in real growth: “It is not important that where my position is. Sometimes I climb the hill or sometimes I fall down the valley. It matters whether you added value to the society and people.”

There are problems every day, and every man has problems. My point of view is that if there is a problem there is an opportunity, so grab that opportunity and make the most out it.” Take a risk, Take a chance and learn to bear with problems.

Under the leadership of Mr. Yogesh Wajekar Kalatrava79 successfully nailed 1000 projects in the field of architecture in which some of them are awarded for national and international levels. Over the course of 20 years of having brilliance expertise, having a vision through developing entrepreneurship in construction industry namely real estate and hospitality creating more employment and nurturing the tourism sector of Maharashtra. With this vision, Kalatrava was born. It will stand as an embodiment providing concepts to completion for all types of projects. These specific projects will cater the HNI and NRl’s who wish to start a new business in any kind of project ranging from real estate, hospitality, logistics, education, etc – seeking profitable returns at the comfort of theirown homes.

Proudly stated to have an innovative mind frame, Ar. Yogesh Wajekar holds a fascinating repertoire. He pursued his passion for architecture with a Civil Draftsmanship, Diploma in Civil Engineering. he parallelly formed his first establishment; Shree Sthapatya Associates (SSA), alongside completing his Bachelors in Architecture. Further, Ar. Yogesh Wajekar completed his Master’s degree in Urban Planning, and M.B.A. in public relationships and is currently pursuing his PhD. And then, this non-stop hustler continued his work by successfully nailing more than 1000 projects over the course of 20 years of his brilliance expertise.

His education and business ethics bagged him several national and international awards. The Kalatrava was been launched in the year 2016. serving all kinds of construction categories real estate, health care, education, and hospitality. With the vision which defines “empower the identity” of every project with start-to-end support provide effective business models by best detailing leveraging uniqueness delivered with effective customer delight. Through KALATRAVA, Ar. Yogesh Wajekar is aiming to promote successful entrepreneurs to generate sustainable employment for the country through various projects. Provides an elegant business model for following Industries

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